Grant Gurvis

Interested in Rust 🦀 and more

Ray Tracer

🦀 Rust
🕸 Wasm
Ray Tracer Image

A path tracer that supports parallel execution, .obj loading, BVH acceleration with a command line interface that will support most file types for output as well as a WASM based site.

Chess AI

🦀 Rust
Chess AI Image

A Chess AI that is still quite early in development, it can currently generate millions of moves per second to analyze.

6502 Assembler and Emulator

🦀 Rust
6502 Image

The assembler compiles 6502 assembly into a binary for the emulator or hex codes with debugging information. The emulator also supports all 6502 opcodes and addressing modes while being cycle-accurate. The CPU is easily extended via memory maps.